Title: Crítics/Críticos/Critics/Critiques
Author: Pere Pich
Illustrations: Rosa Marín
Format: Caja 20x20cm con librito de 44 pàgines y póster 60x40cm
Publication date: February 2021
Precio: 30€

Is a manual of collapse. This book brings together ten projects, twenty corrosive designs that only make sense thanks to our familiarity with the assembly instructions of a certain Swedish furniture multinational.

These projects’ apparent ease of assembly belies serious conficts that most people wouldn’t want to see in their own home, neighbourhood or city.

Each project, each confict included in the book can be assembled and taken apart piece by piece. Like a freakish mishmash of designs, the results are impossible solutions that challenge the intolerable arrogance of those who created these conficts.